Android TV app with Framework 7


Hi all,
is possible dev an Android TV style application using Framework 7 ?



I’m really interesred into this.
It doesn’t look so dificult. Following the Google’s guidelines ( it seems that is necesary 4 views:

  • Browse View
  • Detail View
  • Consumption View
  • In-app Search

I’ve found following resources:

We may hire some framework7 expert to do the job. ¿Anybody interested in?


You could use the router and page aspects of F7 for your Android TV app, and compile it with Cordova and their Android TV plugin.

But, Android TV apps have a different design scheme than what Framework 7 offers (which is specialised for iOS and Android handheld devices).

You’d have to create your own design layout, it’s unlikely you’d be able to use the existing F7 UI components without significant style changes.