Can I change unloadTabContent by a function?


Hello guys, i’m trying to use this:

app.views.create(viewEl, { unloadTabContent : false })

by a function code, only changing the unloadTabContent to true, i can do this ?


var viewSomething = app.views.create(viewEl, { unloadTabContent : false });
viewSomething.params.unloadTabContent = true;


nice suggestion, but didn’t work ):


What are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps there is another way to accomplish this


i’m developing a social media, and i’m based on facebook.

When i click to “answer” a comment, another page will be loaded, when i click into ‘back-button’, the “home” PAGE will not load but the TAB, will… did u get it ?

But I don’t want to reload the tabs when i back to home-page, and i want to keep reloading my tabs (because my app is just 4 tabs) when i change the tabs (by routable tabs).

that’s it.