Cordova plugin keyboard shows a black block


Hi, I’m developing my first app with framework7. I had to run it for iPhone 6 and the iOS platform version is iOS 4.5.5.
I’m building the app with 8.1.2 ([email protected]). However the keyboard of the iPhone overlays the input that I want to compile, especially with inputs which are at the end of the page.
To solve the issue I installed the Cordova-plugin-keyboard suggested by @nolimits4web.
But when I open the keyboard to compile the input a black div appears above the keyboard.
This is the issue

I included the js files inside my index.html and I included them in this order
index.js, cordova.js, framework7.min.js

this is my index.js

var app = {
// Application Constructor
initialize: function() {
    document.addEventListener('deviceready', this.onDeviceReady.bind(this), false);

onDeviceReady: function() {



How can I solve it? if I remove Keyboard.shrinkView this not happens but the keyboards still to overlays the input. If I leaves it this black block happens above the keyboard and don’t show the page to compile.

Thank you in advance for your help


Looks like a bug in a plugin

Try to install also this plugin


Thank you Vladimir, I didn’t find this questions… I tried to install wkwebview-engine… but with this plugin the app don’t run… the index.html remains a white page and there are not error on the console