How to get the value of a datepicker using framework7 and vuejs?

I have the following component:

label=“Fecha de nacimiento”
placeholder=“Selecciona una fecha”
@input=“perfil.fecha_nacimiento = $”

<f7-button class=“button button-big button-fill”

            return {
                perfil: {
                    fecha_nacimiento: ''
            let vm = this;
            console.log(perfil); //When printing in console, profile, birthdate, this gap.


but when I get the information of the birthdate, I can not get it.

I have the exactly same issue!

I’ve tried everything and I cannot get its value…

In this documentation it says that the value type is an array.

I’ve tried doing @input=“myValue.push($” but it did not work either.

@jggj did you find the solution?
Please, if someone know the solution post it here.