Is there a Framework7-Webpack template, which shows how to make the smallest package possible


Has someone - by any chance - created a Framework7-Webpack template (just core, no vue, no react), which shows how to create the smallest possible F7-page?

This would make a great starting-point for using F7 as a PWA.


I dont know of any minimalist f7-webpack template.
But i suggest to use custom build. So you can add only what you need.


The question was more about how to generate a minimalist F7 shell using Webpack, than how to build a custom (minima)l F7.

The difference would be: such a template would be pretty flexible, especially when it comes to PWA and/or offline support


I think I’ll add it, but before I guess will need to create something like f7-component-loader for webpack to be able to import single file components correctly


That would be awesome!
If you need some assistance or tests, just let me know! :ok_hand:


Here it is