Is V3 the final version?



I am a reasonably casual js programmer, mainly php. I have got V1 to work for an app, then v2 to work and am finding it very very difficult to get V3 to work for a simple app.

I am wondering if I put effort into understanding and getting V3 to work for a simple website app, will their be a V4 that is as different as V1 and V2 are from V3? Is V3 the final concept version?



V3 not the final version, Vladimir working on V4


Actually v2 and v3 almost the same and migration to v3 from v2 was almost instant. Yes I am working on v4, but v3 to v4 won’t be so hard too. So you definitely need to learn v3 :wink:


Honestly speaking, its like nothing had changed… Same Framework7… Routes are the hardest to understand an they stayed the same… We hope V4 isnt “hard” in any way surely