Vue: Media-Item :media issue


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I am having issues with the media-list. My code looks like this:

<f7-list media-list>
    v-for="item in items"
    swipeout:title="" :subtitle="item.title">
    <f7-swipeout-actions right>
      <f7-swipeout-button @click="accept(item.itemId)">Accept</f7-swipeout-button>

More specifically it is this line:


The iconPath, as it suggests, is the URI for the icon on the server.
For example: /static/img/items/item.png
PNG Icon: 300 x 300 Pixel, 16 kByte

Problem Description

Every item has its own icon and should display it. After a while all items show the same icon. It is not always the same icon.

Context Information

Framework7 version: 3.0.1
Vue.js version: 2.5.16
Platform and Target: iOS 11.4.1, iPhone SE

Thank you for your help.



Hey! Can you please provide a bit more info on how it can be replicated so i can see the issue?


Hey :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering so quickly. We wanted to test some more, before I reply to you. For the moment the issue is solved. We believe it was caused by scss and not the f7 framework.

Sorry for taking your time and thanks again.