Android request error... How to use request in store.js for android?

A network packet analyzer which could be easily integrated with android application that could give request object with all header fields in it.

  1. Install Burp Suite.
  2. Enable Proxy.
  3. Import the certification in your Android phone.
  4. Change you Wifi configuration to listening to proxy.

I tried many things and same issue with Android finally I moved from app.request to fetch and now it works with both Android and iOS!

I do speak Spanish too in case you do too you can reply me in Spanish :slight_smile:
thanks for being there and help to find a solution!. .

same here in android app.request not working properly but with fetch always works for android and iOS!

I still do not understand why Android (any version) it is the issue when using request calls! but with iOS everything works perfectly all the time!

I have a internal app and request work 100÷ both android and ios