Core vs React vs Vue

I want to ask you a question. I come from javascript / jquery. I am currently programming with Framework7 / Core and webpack. Would you recommend react or Vue? The programs we do are from 1 to 3 maximum programmers. I really like the standards for that reason I loved framework7 and if I’m not mistaken I see it closest to Vue, what do you recommend? I still with Core? or learn react or Vue?

Framework7 Core достаточно мощный продукт. Этому способствуют, в первую очередь, компонент роутера и setState. Лично мне всегда хватает мощностей Framework7 и Template7, главное, поставить задачу правильно.

Vue или React - это дополнительная прослойка, а любая “прокладка” это - добавление сложности, увеличение числа зависимостей и уменьшение скорости. Последнее особенно важно для Cordova, там бывают свои особенности в плане скорости, даже для мощных iOS-устройств.

Если вы мастер Vue или React и разрабатываете веб-приложения, то рекомендую использовать их, а если вы их не знаете или знаете слабо, то сперва задумайтесь, какие вы плюсы от них ждете. Обычно скажут “мощности, гибкости”. Но давайте сначала найдем реальную задачу, которую нельзя решить мощноcтями Core?

Что выбрать между Vue и React? Тут важен тот факт, что вы лучше знаете (или хотите изучить). React считается более крутым в плане того, что на нем делают (тот же React Native), а Vue считается более быстродействующем.


I have used F7 in combination with Vue for more than a year but I switched back to F7 Core since Snabbdom is introduced. Kudos to Vladimir because now I can keep the code simple and control the state with $setState().

I like the “dispatch design pattern” both used in React and Vue(x) and choose Vue because of the way Vue defines components. F7 has adopted the same style.

The trigger to change was the memory footprint. Most likely I was doing something wrong because a relative simple App using F7, Vue and Webpack resulted in footprint 5 times larger than just F7 and without a package builder. Furthermore, I ended up with less code and more overview plus I understood better / had more control about what was happening (less magic from Vue). I didn’t do a proper investigation about the effect on the footprint using Vue (or React). It was just a trigger for me to go back to the basics.

I cannot give an advise about using React or Vue. Both seem to me a safe choice with large communities.
You might consider other reasons such as personal development to use one or the other.
But, if you don’t need it, stick to the basics because F7 core offers already a lot.

thanks shastox and Erik_Cornelisse

You taught me 2 things:

  1. The google translate Russian to Spanish works very well: P
  2. Staying “basic” is not so bad. I thought that not learning one of these frameworks today (react or vue) was going to leave me far behind.


HI @Erik_Cornelisse,
since we were touching some kind of discussion F7 core vs. F7 vue elsewhere: What were your experiences when switching back from F7 vue to F7 core? Do you mind to share?

@tiptronic: np, can you share the link ?