Every time i click on app. i have an issue

hi everybody . how are you ? i have a strange bug since i go from v5 to v6…
every time i click on screen i have a issue… i d’ont understand …

error says:

Failed to execute 'matches' on 'Element': '.$f7eler' is not a valid selector
$('.$f7eler') // => '.$f7eler' is not a valid selector
$('.f7eler') // => valid selector

yes… but how to fix it ?
it doesent show error line number…
and the error throw everytime i click everywhere…
how to fix it ?

‘.$f7eler’ is definitely your own selector
i’m sure you gonna find it inside ‘src’ dir. (probably in src/pages)
on linux you can do:

cd path/to/src
grep -rnw -e '$f7eler'

‘contenu_$f7_pricipal’ is also not a valid selector

Ok… Thanks. Please what is Windows équivalent. I am using win 10

not sure on windows

it should be something like this:

findstr /i '$f7eler'

i dont really know.

the error occurs on each click
i guess some of your views as a class named => ‘$f7eler’

remove the dollar sign => ‘$f7eler’ => ‘f7eler’

Remove the $ character from your HTML ID attributes. Stick with letters and numbers, avoid special characters.