Framework7 dont work with Android 6 Marshmallow

Hello, my client requires from me Android 6 support. Current application works fine with Android 7, but on 6 the app gives error: Object.assign is not a function in framework7.js and some more errors. I managed to use polyfill for this function and app starts without errors, but routes dont work and there are some css problems.
My question: which is last Framework7 and Cordova version that supports Android 6?

Use forum search there were a lot of explanations here about this topic

Can you please link me some thread that can help me? I searched the forum even before i post my question but i didnt find related problems. Can you tell me how can i develop application on Android 6?

For example this one [SOLVED] Framework7 v5.2.0 on Android 5.0.1

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