Framework7 PushState 404 Error on compiled Android app


I’ve one problem with my app:

On my website the app is located on

So this code works for me on my website:
var mainView = app.views.create(’.view-main’, {
url: ‘/’,
pushState: true,
pushStateSeparator: ‘#’,
pushStateRoot: ‘/gui/’,
mdSwipeBack: true

Now in the compiled Android app there is this bug:
So when I navigate from page1->page2->page3 and then hit the back button on the left top it goes like page3->page2->ERROR-404.

So I did some research and found it has something to do with pushStateRoot. When I remove all the pushState things in my config it’s working fine, but when I click the back button on my phone the app gets closed. What do I have to to pushStateRoot that its working on a compiled Android app. And is there A way to set this dynamically?

Yes, compiled app served via file:// protocol and this pushState root is invalid, try the forum search there were plenty solutions here with correct value for this case

Here Cordova (phonegap build) white page now?

help me sir…