Framework7 v4 tabs template in phonegap super slow on ios! anyone else notice this?

Anyone else have this issue? So what I did was I downloaded the tabs template…

git clone my-app

Then I did a npm install

Then I made a new blank phonegap app, i copied in the WWW folder from my fresh tabs template clone, did a cordova platform add ios, and then I built the template for ios and installed on phone.

Switching between tabs is super slow, and the middle tab, the entire screen scrolls, are we not able to use framework7 4 with phonegap efficiently anymore?

I have no issues doing this with v3, but would love to use the new features of v4

also tried with cordova alone without phonegap, same result

Включите fastclick или используйте WKWebView

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well fastclick definitely seems to make it more responsive on iOS although i didn’t think it was required on the newest iOS, but not sure why the whole screen scrolls sometimes, always on tab 2 in the template

It doesn’t required if you use WKWebView which is the must nowadays.

Not clear what do you mean?

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First off, thank you for your reply. This is literally my first cordova app and it’s been a learning process for me. I think i need to update my cordova and force it to use the latest cordova ios version for it (5.0) or force it to use WKWebView, this might also fix my scrolling issue. It’s hard to explain what my scrolling issue is so i made a video recording showing it…!Agp9Q4Zot2IDhsot9xHWkHJGxE-ZXQ

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i’ll definitely give this a try next chance I get, thank you so much for your help.