Framework7 v5 Released! 🔥

Что то же должно было сломаться :grinning:

Awesome! I am excited to migrate! Is it possible to use the new cli to install v5 of framework7 over the v4 I have? For example: “npm install framework7” or do I need to create a new directory with a new project?

Thanks for this!

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Upgrade with CLI is not possible. Just open your package.json and change Framework7 libs to latest version and run npm install. And then follow migration guide described in blog post, it shouldn’t be too much to change

I was just noticing that in my package.json file! Thank you for your quick reply! Migration has started. :slight_smile:

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Okay I am done migrating! That was about an hour and a half to change over a 30 page app. The only issue I had was going through the icon upgrades. I can pick out individual ones using the new cheatsheet but I was hoping I could look at the old v2 icons cheatsheet to do a find and replace.

Is there a spot to view the old cheatsheet to help others with the migration to v3 icons?


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Good catch, will add that to guide. You can check v2 cheatsheet in latest 2.x release by downloading it at

And there is already 5.0.2 release with that Tooltip fix and ListGroup Vue/React components fixed

Fastclick issue: When in Web App mode for v5.0.2, clicking isn’t as responsive than version 4.5.2 (with fastclick enabled). With Framework7 Keypad Plugin you need to to click several times.

Keypad plugin is not yet compatible

Is there a way to start a project without bundler? I get an error when using framework7 create --ui and checking No Bundler.

Awesome. Great job. I’m looking forward to using the new transition types and custom transitions!

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When to expect Keypad/Calculator plugin to be compatible with v5? Need this in order to migrate.

Maybe next week or so

Thumbs Up! You are awesome! I can’t wait to migrate… but I am bit concerned about performance on legacy devices - especially when I look at the new effects. Would you recommend to migrate also if we need to run an app on older devices?

Android version <=4 OR cheap device (100-300 $)? what do you mean?

well… devices where animation/scrolling do a bit hard on v4 already… like on an iPhone 6/7 for instance. I’m just curious if v5 requires more CPU/GPU or if here is not much difference… or even performs better?

  1. F7 >= 4 does not work on Android <= 4
  2. Any android on cheap device: all apps and F7 are slow
  3. iPhone >= 6s: no problems (tested)
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For iOS device doesn’t matter much. More important is iOS version. iOS 11 + is recommended. With that even on 5S you will have good performance

Keypad plugin updated to be v5 compatible

Thank you Vladimir! Appreciate the quick turn around.