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It looks great, but will it be useful?
Applications created through builders reject moderation Apple.

Hi @Bertrand,
any more news on Thoriumbuilder?

hi,great job.
It seems like dreamwaver for designer.more powerful!
something may be helpful:
1.nobody want create app or webapp with similar icons colors theme as another one is very difficult for no–tech to build complete app
3.creat more flexible themes may be more attractive target for user

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Hi There,

A semi-public Beta 3 of Thorium Builder (made with F7 V4.0) is available for those who’d like to participate to tests.
If you are interested, please register at this address:

Thank You


Sweeet :+1: Let’s test it

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Hi Bertrand,
how proceed with the works on “Thorium builder”?
Is there a release date?
I’m waiting your visual editor, hoping with a final price (please, not monthly/yearly subscription) better respect to the main competitor (W…r).

Hi Mike,
I’m working very hard, that’s why I’m in “Silent Mode”, lot of legal, technical and marketing stuff to achieve…
But I feel confident to have it “Live” at the End of April / beginning of May (The software has been accepted at Apple Store which is a great step forward)
Regarding the prices, I guess you will like it then: 2 versions, one standard with all functionalities, and one LITE without some functionalities such as Database functionalities, GoogleMap API and a few other ones.
The Lite version will be at 49.99EU and the standard at 89.99 (Perpetual Licence) And for the launch, I will offer a 50% discount launch price for a limited number of users / time (I think 100)
(Register to the news letter if not already done as to get the discount code in time :slight_smile: )
Hope it is answering to your question :slight_smile:
Have a nice day

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Excellent news!
One last thing… for “database functionalities” you mean the possibility to connect to a remote source (e.g. MySQL database on a hosting) and with a query editor (as with the competitor “W…r”)?

As I try to achieve something really easy to use, no-code and user friendly , the database functionalities are working with a local SQLLite database accessed by a PHP web service using the fetch api. This PHP web-service is very simple (90 lines of code) so it can be very easy to modify, it works with PHP PDO so you can change the connexion to Mysql, Oracle or all DB supported by PDO and map the result data to my data model. This is something I plan to explain later in a tutorial…
PS: it works exactly in the same way for Framework7 PWA projects or Responsive Bootstrap projects , so you keep a compatibility in case of dual project PWA/ Responsive Web.


It’s here!

The official launch of Thorium Builder is here!
A free 10 days trial demo is available at (no register required), just try it now!

Thank You to all our early adopters, beta-testers and supporters, and a special thank to Vladimir!

Speak with you Soon!


Congratulations! :tada::confetti_ball::champagne:

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