Framework7 Vue Typescript typings

I’m currently using Framework7 version 2.3.0 with Vue using Typescript. To get that working we have been using the typings from the following repo:

That repository is deleted causing that building the application fails. I see that Framework7 is already on V3, but how is the Typescript for Vue now managed? I want to upgrade, but what steps should I take?

You need to update to v3

Thanks. Found that link indeed. Typings are now integrated in the core. Nice!

However, I keep getting errors on Framework7Vue. I’m getting the following error:

TS7016: Could not find a declaration file for module ‘framework7-vue’. ‘/mnt/app/node_modules/framework7-vue/framework7-vue.js’ implicitly has an ‘any’ type.

@nolimits4web It seems that the typings are missing in the package.json for framework7-vue. Can you confirm that? Is there another method to make the typings available in my project?

Same problem here:raised_back_of_hand:

@Shmuel_Gutman I’ve fixed this by added the directroy of framework7-vue to the tsconfig.json file.

I think it would be great if a template could be made for users who are working with Typescript.

thanks @timmtim

under which configuration option? can you send an example?

"paths": {
  "*": [

But F7-Vue typings are there (in package)

What else need to be done?

I got this when I tried to use TS (new to TS):

Hm… after I restarted system - everything goes fine. I don’t know what was that… some cache maybe.

I’m having this same issue, and a reboot didn’t help (along with the tsconfig modification) anyone else have a different solution?

You guys need to configure TS to ignore F7-Vue components typings because there are no such

I am experiencing the same issue and was unable to resolve it. Are there any f7+vue+typescript sample apps that show a proper tsconfig.json?

My goal is to write a project using the Vue TypeScript settings, where each page or component is a TypeScript class with decorators. Is this possible with an app created from the f7 cli? Or do I need to use the Vue cli and just add f7 to my project?

Adding skipLibCheck to tsconfig.json did the trick:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "skipLibCheck": true
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