Help with capacitor plugins

i’m new in capacitor, and i cannot install and use the plugins.
For example, i need to install the stripe plugin, but i don’t know where i need to put the code (i use framework7 core).
Anyone can help me?

Is the plugin official or is it from the capacitor community? Normally it brings its documentation from how it is installed to how it is configured, it is installed like any plugin and then it runs npx cap sync

the plugin is :

I installed but i don’t know where to place the code. In app.js it’s not working :frowning: (no errors or info)

Here a URL that leads to the documentation of that plugin

Thanks for the replies, but I had already seen the documentation. the thing is, i don’t know where to put that piece of code. wherever I put it (app.js), the plugin doesn’t work, besides it’s not javascript but typescript, that’s why I asked for help.
Where should I enter it?

the code must go in your component where you are going to perform the process, and as it is in typescript you can use the following URL

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Anyone can help me? I searched all over the forum, and no one know how to reply