Nested Routes Inside Tab Route


I would like to use another subpage inside my tab page. My routes.js is something like this:

path: '/mediator/',
name: 'mediator',
componentUrl: './pages/mediator.html',
tabs: [
		path: '/',
		id: 'tab1',
		componentUrl: './pages/tab1.html',
		path: '/tab2/',
		id: 'tab2',
		componentUrl: './pages/tab2.html',
		routes: [
				path: '/tab2/:id/',
				componentUrl: './pages/tab2-nested.html'

Here is the link to navigate nested page from tab2:
<a href="/tab2/{{id}}">

It ends up with a 404 page. I’ve come across a similar question, and @nolimits4web suggests that using another tab for the nested page. Even though, it works; there is no animation nor a back button. It’s not working as a subpage.

// PS.: I’ve tried the ‘detailRoutes’ as well.

Прочитай тут про tab: Про Tab и про View кратко изложил самое важно про tab

You can’t have navigation (load another Page) inside the Tab. If you need to open another page, just make it as usual route (not nested)

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Thank you, guys!
End up using usual route, as Vladimir mentioned!


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