Notification when app is closed

Can you tell me how to receive notification when app closed for android ?

foreground and background it’s working for me.
but, if app closed from app switch I can not receive notification.

Some time ago, I user another plugin for Firebase notifications. That plugin required some manual change to the Android app manifest.xml file. Can’t remember the exact change, but I had to add something to main application tag, which allowed the app to receive notification data when the app was closed by using a background service.

Maybe you have to make such change as well.

I’m trying and look for it long time but still can not find the solution for now :disappointed:

I don’t think there is a solution without changing the plugin, i think a delay or someting must be implemented into the plugin to call the onNotification function really only after the device is ready

I just found out that because auto start not working for my app (Asus phone).
So , after I enable auto start it receive notification.