Outline shows from one page to another

Hello everyone,
I have a question. I am curious, why does outline shows when I move from one page to another? Is this normal? Does it happen when I move this code to production or is there a way I can stop this? Please take a look at the attached image

i think thats is something in your code/css. Some more info would be helpful.

This is my second project and it is stil the same thing. Does it happen to you?

no never, and i made a lot of projects with f7. so if you could share your code. or even better, read this post

and at the bottom you have some starters templates. Try to port the part of your code and make a minimal example.

I have checked up the question. No one has asked.

I used framework-7 cli and React. I using chrome browser.

ok, with out some code it would be difficult for anybody to help you.

I think it is chrome. I tried using firefox and I am not getting the outline.

This is some setting enabled in your Chrome dev tools that shows such rectangles