Page.route does not update when calling same page with different URL params

Hi, using framework 4.0.6, I have the following issues. Using stacked pages. I have a list page with items, items having hrefs like


then I have a detail page intended to load and display detail data from a backend depending on passed ID. route definition for detail page looks like this:

	path: '/imgtype-det/:id',
	pageName: 'imgtype-det'

The I defined an event listener to fire any time the detail page is displayed:

$$(document).on('page:beforein', function (e) {
	var page = e.detail;
	switch ( {
		case 'imgtype-det':

What now happens is that the first link I click in the list page (e.g. /imgtype-det/6) works fine. The .url and .path and .params properties of page.route reflect the ID 6 in the clicked link and the detail page opens.

When I then close the detail page (via icon class=“link back”) and select another link, e.g. /imgtype-det/8, the detail pages opens again, but the logged page.route still reflects ID 6 from the first page call.
I can redo this multiple times, page.route always stays the same (as it was after first clicked link in list page).

Any suggestions what I am missing/doing wrong?