Pages not loading and none of the buttons working in an app built using Cordova in Monaca platform?


I’m having an issue.

I’m using Monaca to build my App which uses Cordova. The app works fine in web based simulator but when I build/compile the app and test it on my real device the first tab loads but nothing else works!

I’ve tested this on an iOS device.

I’m also getting all sorts of errors like this:

TypeError: win.StatusBar.overlaysWebView is not a function. (In 'win.StatusBar.overlaysWebView(!1)', 'win.StatusBar.overlaysWebView' is undefined)


TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '')

is this a known issue with framework7 and Monaca?

I’m using Monaca’s ‘Framework7 core Tab View’

Absolutely impossible to say based on your description. How to ask a good question on forum

Sorry, i’m not sure how else I could make this any more clearer!

The easiest way to show this issue to you guys is by following these steps:

1- Go to
2- Create A New Project
3- Project Type >> Framework Templates
4- choose JS (javascript)
5- Choose Framework7 Core Tab View and create the project.

Do not need to change anything in the app. the created app has the issue as is.

Build the app from Monaca and Test the created App in either a Real Device OR in Monaca for study App: ‎Monaca on the App Store

and you will see the issue. if you look in the Monaca console while you run the app, you will see the errors as well:

Also, this error:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '')

is related to this code:

  var view=app.views.current;
var curr =;


Basically, is always undefined.

please let me know if you need anything else to make this more clear.

once again, everything works fine when I test the App in Monaca web based simulator but the issue starts when I run the App in a real device.

I’ve also tested the same App in and it has the same issue.

It is something wrong with their template (which is not official one), and the F7 version app there is pretty outdated, so have no idea what is wrong there. I can only recommend to try Framework7 CLI to create the app

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Thanks. can I install the Farmework7 CLI on a Mac?

Yes, you can install it on Mac

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