Please detailed doc


Sorry for not responding before, in browser some phonegap plugins do not work as they need a physical device.

In the Phonegap Developer application all work, except those that are third parties.

About what files you have to upload, when your application is ready and you have checked that everything works well, you should test your application on a physical device, compiling the application with
phonegap build android.

Once you have verified that everything works you must have a developer license for both platforms (Android and iOS).

Android - $ 25 (Lifetime)
Apple - $ 99 (per year)

App Store needs a compiled project in Mac, executing the following command you will get a project xCode, phonegap build ios (From a Mac) then you will have a complete project that you can open with xCode.

(The explanation of how xCode works is very widespread, and I can not explain how it works through this forum)

For Android it is different, you execute phonegap build android --release and you will get an APK file (Unsigned) You will have to create a keystore, which is a signature file and sign the application.

Here is the documentation (At the bottom of the page)

Well when you have the signed apk is the file that you have to upload to Play Store

For iOS the upload is done from xCode by logging in with your developer account.



is it after compiling the application with phonegap build android, I’ll know files and folder to upoad?



You obtain a file (APK) on /platform/android/build/output/apk

This file is the that you install in your device.