[SOLVED] Cordova Plugins with Framework7 + Vue?

how did you import cordova after installing?

@Gagan how to inject cordova, after creating f7 project by f7-cli
issue: 1. by runing any cordova command response is

current working directory is not cordova-based project

  1. should I run cordova create in favour to create a new cordova project
  2. or just go by adding plugins by cordova add corodva-plugin-plugin-name
  1. after create the cordova project with f7-cli you will have something like this structure;
    so cd into cordova dir, and then add any plugin you want. DO NOT modify cordova/www since this is creted after you build the project, so any change you make in cordova/www will be lost after building the project.

  2. no since f7-cli create it for you

  3. see 1

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Use following command :

framework7 cordova plugin add your_plugin_name
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Create ‘www’ directory in the cordova directory of your application and run the command again. It should work.