[SOLVED] Framework7 v2 component: Set value of Data

Hi everyone, I have a problem… I change/set value of data in my component page, and its ok, it work fine, but when I go to another page, and go back to the first page, the data that I change is with de default data from init.


data: function () {
      return {
             name: "test",

On init:

 on: {
        pageInit: function (e, page) {
               var self = this;
               if (self.$root.infoUsuarioLogueado) {
                   var infoUsuario = self.$root.infoUsuarioLogueado;
                        name: infoUsuario.nombres + " " + infoUsuario.apellidos
                    self.name= infoUsuario.nombres + " " + infoUsuario.apellidos; 

I enter and leave the page with navigate method, like this:

this.$router.navigate('/inicio/', {
                    animate: true,
                    pushState: false

Thanks before after all.

Next time component loaded it will be initialized from the beginning. So you need to store it to some global variable and retreive it on component creation, something like here [V3 Vue] Prevent destroy of component on back click

Thanks for the quick response, so I set variables with $setState in PageInit, and store values in $root.
Thanks you!!