[SOLVED]How to send variables from one page to another?

I usually have a link that looks like this to send some variables to the next page.

a href=“https://www.manmade.se/iphone/skolappen/blogg/blogg2.asp?userId=123&bloggar_id=456” class=“item-link”

But how do I do it in v2? I tested with below that did´t work

a href="/blogg2/userId/<%=userId%>/bloggar_id/<%=rs(“bloggar_id”)%>" class=“item-link”

and my routes looks like this

name: ‘blogg2’,
path: ‘/blogg2/userId/:userId/bloggar_id/:bloggar_id/’,
url: ‘https://www.manmade.se/iphone/skolappenv2/blogg/blogg2.asp’,


Anyone that knows?

Hi @Manmade,

Please refer the same case

Thanks rajkaruna. So I have to use async-route just to pass a variable to a new page?

I still don´t understand how it works I´m afraid!??

On page: http://framework7.io/docs/view.html#router-api-methods-properties
at the router.currentRoute
it says that you can use a

  • query - object with route query. If the url is /page/?id=5&foo=bar then it will contain the following object {id: '5', foo: 'bar'}

Dosen´t that mean that you can use /blogg2/?userId=123&bloggar_id=456 as a link?

and then that the routes looks like this

name: ‘blogg2’,
path: ‘/blogg2/’,
url: ‘https://www.manmade.se/iphone/skolappenv2/blogg/blogg2.asp’,

This is how I would like to do it!?

Anybody who knows the best way to do this?

Update to 2.0.6 it will pass route query to your server url automatically

Ok thanks.
So I can use this or?


YES. Just tested and it works, great. Thanks a lot Vladimir :slight_smile:

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