[SOLVED] Navigating between pages

Hi there,

I’m totally new developing an app with F7 and first of all congratulations for this fantastic job!

I did some research about how to solve the following scenario but I was not able to find the solution.

I have a scenario with 4 pages, 1) Index -> 2) Smart-select -> 3) Virtual list -> 4) Virtual list

Forward process is working perfectly but when I move from 4) to 2) I need that the previous data in 2) stays.

See below the href in page 4).

How could archive that?


There shouldn’t be page after generated page with Smart Select options, Smart Select is designed to be used for select values only. Otherwise, use custom pages with routes instead

Or you can try to enable stackPage view’s parameter to keep previous pages in DOM

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the reply.

I just tried stackPage without success as per below:

var app = new Framework7({
id: ‘io.framework7.test’,
root: ‘#app’,
cache: true,
theme: theme,
stackPages: true,

Could you please guide me where I can find some code examples about the custom pages with routes?

Many thanks

It must be

view: {
  stackPages: true



thanks. Rectified to:
stackPages: true

but still no success.

I will review now your documentation about routes.


Solution provided thanks to the DanBoschen and adasoft posts.

Thanks again.