ToDo or Notes App For F7 - Template/Example?

I’m trying to understand how Framework7 saves data. I’ve searched the internet but can’t find an example of a simple ToDo App or a Notes App that shows how to save the user’s input.

Does anyone know of such an example? I am not a good coder. I’d like to work with Framework7, but I need to see some “simple” examples using Framework 7 Core.


For simple use of saving data in the application, you can use the сordova local storage

Thank you Overman,

I’ve read that if local storage gets full that the storage will be cleared in iOS. Is this true? If so, all the information entered would be gone. My users wouldn’t like that. Hmmmm.

I like your cat. :wink:

I read about this problem, but I did not come across it personally…for my project i use cordova sql storage plugin