[V2] Global Context

How can i define a global context Variable. Forexample i would like to access current user date from any template without always having to request it or redefine it in everypage.

So I just store it once in a Javascript Variable but I cant access this in template

When you init the app you can set global data:

var app = new Framework7({
  data: function () {
    return {
      userName: 'johndoe',

And later you can access like app.data.username or in templates as a $root.username

is there a way to redefine that data?

app.data.userName = ‘anotherusername’

but i cant redefine the whole object or?

what i have noticed, ( i must say i am still a amateur developer) that once i defined

data: function () { 
 return window.user.info

The app.data always updates automaticly with the change of window.user.info

did you try

app.data = newDataObj;

yup that deosn’t work,

Hi @Momo,

You can set value on global context using below js script


Then you can retrieve this value in template like below


Check component context topic below url for more details

hmm for some reason it deosnt work for me

is it maybe because i Init the app after redefining the app.data variable?


You should set values to the global context once app is initialized.

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I have tired with {{ $root.userName }} in the index page, but it is not working…

Sorry, I have tired in the index page, it is not working, but it is working in the other pages, is it mean I need replace all centent from index page, then try to use templete rending in the index page to access the root data? I really have no idea what i should do with it… Please help…

JS variables don’t work like that. Define method instead like:

methods: {
  userData() {
    return window.user.info;