When I emulate my Framework7 Cordova app I only get the default screen

Hi, I’m new to Framework7 and cordova and I am trying to emulate my app in android studio to test some of the plugins. The problem is when i look at the app in the browser, I can see all the components and what not, but when I emulate it, I only get the default cordova screen with the Icon and text saying device ready. In another project I am doing with a friend, we were having the same issue, but somehow an app.js file and some other files were automatically generated for him, and the app emulated without a problem!
This is what I am trying to see in the emulator
Screenshot (29)|690x388

and this is what is actually coming up

That’s the default index.html from Apache Cordova’s default project.

Either overwrite your index.html in place of theirs (in the root of the project structure) or use config.xml to specify the new name/path of the startup file.

When I put the framework7 index.html file in place of the cordova one I get this

You need to build F7-Cordova app first from source, check Readme file in generated project

I’m not too sure what you mean. This is all that the read me file says


There is a webpack bundler setup. It compiles and bundles all “front-end” resources. You should work only with files located in /src folder. Webpack config located in build/webpack.config.js.

Webpack has specific way of handling static assets (CSS files, images, audios). You can learn more about correct way of doing things on [official webpack documentation]


Cordova project located in cordova folder. You shouldn’t modify content of cordova/www folder. Its content will be correctly generated when you call npm run cordova-build-prod.


Assets (icons, splash screens) source images located in assets-src folder. To generate your own icons and splash screen images, you will need to replace all assets in this directory with your own images (pay attention to image size and format), and run the following command in the project directory:

framework7 generate-assets

Or launch UI where you will be able to change icons and splash screens:

framework7 generate-assets --ui

Documentation & Resources

I figured out the problem. I just needed to run npm run build-dev-cordova-android, before emulating