[Blog] What is new in Framework7 v4


It is called Toast in Framework7 http://framework7.io/docs/toast.html


Awesome! This is perfect… Had wanted something like this all this time… Thanks so much


@nolimits4web I finished the website of my first Android App (made with F7 v3), but the page I did it with:

  • framework7-cli (Simple web app + F7 Core + webpack)
  • Swiper
  • Grid Layout with col- and the “missing” desktop- :crazy_face: to be responsive

Although the site is simple I had no problem, congratulations for your Framework7 v4 and for making me happy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Interested in taking framework 7 lessons … can someone point me in the right direction or suggest someone? thanks


What to do when client asks support for at least android 4, if we choose to develop with f7 v4.:roll_eyes:


Android < 5 is very old system.


В блоге вы написали, что цвет для SVG можно изменить только дублированием данных: эта была одна из причин отказа от стандартных SVG-картинок (например, стрелка “назад”).
Но гугл говорит, что можно менять в CSS цвет SVG-элементов, правда, я не пробовал еще. Или что-то другое имелось ввиду?


В блоге сказано, что “Also Navbar with centered title (and with its dynamically calculated position) is also available in MD theme now.” но title в MD-теме все равно выровнен по левому краю:

<div class="navbar">
     <div class="navbar-inner">
         <div class="left">LEFT</div>
         <div class="title">TITLE</div>
         <div class="right">RIGHT</div>

нужно добавлять какие-то стили?


Можно только для SVG которые внутри HTML


Нужно включить navbar.mdCenterTitle: true в параметрах приложения


Hi Vladimir, first of all thank you for great new features in v4. I started with v1 4 yrs ago it’s still working great and it’s time to refactor my app to v4. I started putting together layout with v3 using F7, template and webpack

and when upgrade it to v4 with ‘npm i [email protected]’ links are not working in panel and in main view.


Better start with F7 CLI or redownload this template, it was updated today with v4