🛠 New framework7-cli feedback needed ( 2 3 ) [Announcements] (44)

Hey guys! I’m working on all new framework7-cli that will be the most recommended way of setting up new Framework7 project from v4 release. It is a way better than few templates we have as it allows to create project …

🖼 New Framework7 website design feedback needed ( 2 ) [Announcements] (22)

Hi guys! Most of software products websites look almost the same. I don’t know, too serious, too official. And I wanted to redesign F7’s website to look more funny, more friendly, maybe more playfully. In the end why no…

Perguntas sobre Framework7 em Português BR ( 2 3 ) [Uncategorized] (49)

Nesta categoria, você pode postar questões ou problemas relacionados ao Framework7 em português, onde farei o possível para ajudá-los. Recomendações: Descrição do problema Versão do Framework7 Um trecho do código em q…

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