Is it possible create a nested select of options with smart select or autocomplete component having a list of nested options or sub categories?

is it possible in f7 using the components we have to create a nested select or smart select with a list or Virtual List inside with options to select some of them has nested subcategories to select from and some others no?

here the screenshots of what I need to find a solution

in this screenshot I show like a smart select with a selection list of options some of them are the final options others has subcategories that needs to be open to be selected, item represent the final option in this level

in the second screenshot I opened the category level 1 and I found others options some of them has subcategories and two of them Item are options to be selected in this second level

my question is how in f7 it is possible to achieve this with the components we have so we can have a smart select or autocomplete maybe that can list options like this, options that can be main categories with nested sub categories and some final options to select in that level as shown in the screenshots I create?

thanks for any advice!

?? pmsgz did you find a solution?