Push Notifications

In 2022, how would you add real push notifications to a framework7 android and ios app?
I’ve tried so many things and everything is a dead-end. It would be great if there were a tutorial somewhere that still works. I’m currently trying with firebase but not having great luck. Is that even possible? Thanks for any help.

Firebase is a great platform, it’s not too difficult to learn and has many great features. It’s not so much that you are adding Push Notifications to a Framework7 app, it’s more that you are adding the feature to a Cordova or Capacitor app. Framework7 is essentially the front-end framework, with Javascript features to support the user interface. But the heavy lifting of code logic is written within your own Javascript code specific to your app, which is where the integration of a platform like Firebase or Azure comes in. You can put any front-end framework on your app to provide the UI, but it is up to you to code the integration with third-party services.

Hello, if you are using Cordova, you con check this plugins:
for Android Cordova Plugin Push
And for iOS cordova-plugin-firebasex

The last one cordova-plugin-firebasex you can use for both. platform, but i have made the Android version first and don’t modify.
I send the notifications with Firebase.

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