How to get rid of get params route returns undefined


Since I tried various methods to retrieve the parameters of the current route:

    path: '/orders/:ordersId/',
    name: 'orders-detail',
    component: DetailOrders,

with these Vue tips:

  • props.f7router.params.ordersId → returns undefined
  • props.f7router.currentRoute.params.ordersId → returns undefined

both return UNDEFINED, leaving me feeling quite desperate. Then, I revisited the initial setup of the F7 project and noticed that the setup URL had parameters. After some investigation, I discovered that I needed to use props.f7route instead of props.f7router!

I changed my code from:

props: {
    f7router: Object,


props: {
    f7route: Object,

and is the key!
as you can see in /src/pages/product.vue

Hope this information is helpful.

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