Cordova (phonegap build) white page now?


Its a cordova app. Working perfectly when I preview it in Chrome browser, but shows white screen after I build and test it on device. No errors in console.

Building for Android, only plugin is whitelist.

V2.0.6, Running on Cordova 8.0


Connect device to computer, open chrome://inspect/#devices in Chrome and check the issues/errors in console


Got it!!!

I actually had a syntax error on pageinit function of my home page that was messing everything up! I was not able to see it on the normal chrome console, until I inspected the device from Chrome as you suggested.

Thanks a lot for that!

All good now!


how about multiple view(tab view) app, how to enable this back option there?


I resolved it by doing this, thank you :slight_smile:

if ( == ‘view1’) {
} else if ( == ‘view2’) {
} else if ( == ‘view3’) {