Functional CRUD -- Anyone?


Hello! First post here!

I´ve discovered Framework7 a few days ago and I´m hooked! It´s amazing… but I think it lacks goood tutorials.

I´m coming from a PHP world and now it´s time to move to mobile.

Does anyone have a sample, url, fiddle, zip, or something to help me with a functional CRUD?

I need to use a form to create, then send it via JSON to a PHP url (who will insert into mysql).
Later I need to edit it, and of course, list all records in a List component (also via JSON).

Can someone help me?

I really appreciate that!



Could it be more specific?


Sure. I need a full page that load a JSON from a remote server (generated using PHP) and create a list in Fw7.
Also, an example of submitting a form to a URL (wich will also be processed using PHP).



With this code you send requests in JSON. (in the application)

This is your PHP page that will receive or send JSON. (on your backend)

example sintaxe


How to insert data in framework 7