How to work with framework 7 keypad plugin?


I could not understand how to use framework7-plugin-keypad properly in my f7 react app.

I just imported plugin and use in the render like this

<input id="myKeypad.value" type="numpad"></input>

I have few questions

  • How can I reach numbers in number box I entered through input ?
  • How can I change location of number box ?
  • How can I change size and color of numbers in number box ?

For getting keypad value


also tried this because when I debug on $f7 I see item keypad with method get and parameters caller, callee ? dont know where they belong to …


For style issues, should I manipulate library files directly ? but it will not work in next installment (unless I move library files to local)

There is cssClass parameter which says Additional CSS class name to be set on keypad modal, how to use it ? how to use it for number box ?