[solved] [v3] Question: Inputs are blocked to be copy/paste data on mobile


Hi Vladimir, I realized that I can’t copy/paste data on inputs (all types: number,password, text, etc)
On V1 didn’t happend to me, but with v3 copy/paste is not working , is it ok?


No everything works fine. Check your side, you may have something in custom js or styles that prevents it


Thanks Vladimir, I’ll try to find out what’s causing it.


Vladimir, this thread has the solution: [solved] V2 hiding Android copy/paste buttons?
By default disableContextMenu is set to true


Thanks, wasn’t aware it disables it on Android


Today I test it on android 7.1 and 8 and I still don’t have the context menu. :frowning:
I’ll try to do more research, because is not a phonegap stuff, If I navigate throw chrome the pages still don’t show the context menu.
I’ve test it also with the kitchen sink that’s on framework7.io web: https://framework7.io/docs/kitchen-sink.html and don’t show the contextmenu.

No contextmenu (but forced in app initialization with disabledcontextmenu = false )

Context menu on text:

No context menu on inputs


Hi @nolimits4web, do you want me to add this question as a bug in github?
I’ve also found in Android 8+ that if you have an input “select” and the first option is empty, they’re not able to click on the select and display all the options.
In android 7 and less, is not happening


But if you set disableContextMenu to false, it works right?


Nop, i didn’t works on android 7.1 and 8


Ok, add it on GitHub, I’ll check


Thanks Vladimir, solved in github:

touch: {
tapHold: true,
activeState: true,
disableContextMenu: false,