120 Hz Refresh Rate support for iPhone 13

I recently purchased a 120 Hz refresh rate iPhone and am realizing that the framework7 animations (page transitions, pop up’s, etc) are capped at 60 fps/60 Hz.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or does anyone know if it would be easy to support higher animation refresh rates on capable devices?

Are you noticing it when viewing in Safari, or when running a compiled app? It’s possible a flag within Xcode might need to be set to enable it: Apple Developer Documentation

iPhone 13 work at 120Hz in very rare cases, most of the time it is around 80-90, and I think web animations in Safari are capped to 60 fps. In web I don’t think we can affect it, so it is more a question to Apple why it is not 120 :slight_smile:

@nolimits4web apparentely it’s because of legacy code concerns https://youtu.be/2Kuwy-67VyY?t=231
It seems people for a long time have been assuming 60fps is the target, and they don’t sync with the refresh rate of the actual display accordingly when developing rendering tools.

Great link. They call out that this limitation is specific to requestAnimationFrame as Apple is concerned that it will break legacy code, while CSS animations should render appropriately at whatever frame rate it can (120 fps assumed).

Wishing that there would be a sort of “requestHighFrameRate” flag we can pass in to override the default capped 60 fps of requestAnimationFrame.