3 split views like twitter

Hi everyone, I’d like to make something like this :

There are:

  1. Navigation links
  2. Settings navigation links
  3. Page of selected link

I am using react-framework7, can anyone help me pls? Thanks

please take 5 minutes and read the doc.


Already read it a lots of times, but can’t do it. can you help me pls?

what do you have so far?
can you share your code?

This is App.js
I have a Sidebar/> component that must be included in every page.
Then in every page i need 2 views:

  1. for lists
  2. for details

Oh sry miss where yo put react-framework7. Never done nothing with f7-react

inside index.js

You can see a Master/Detail working example at Kitcken Sink: https://framework7.io/docs/kitchen-sink.html

scroll down to the botto of the preview mobile mock on the far right of the screen

you just have to add the sidebar to the left