A ptr bug when use views

when I use view like

<f7-views class="navbar-with-bg1" tabs v-bind:class="{ 'reserve-statusbar': isIos}" >
        <f7-view tab class="ios-edges" id="main-view" url="/bithq/index/index/" :dynamic-navbar="true" :allowDuplicateUrls="true" :domCache="true">
        <f7-view main tab-active  tab class="ios-edges" id="tab-view-2" url="/kx/index/index/" :dynamic-navbar="true" :allowDuplicateUrls="true" :domCache="true">
        <f7-view tab class="ios-edges" id="tab-view-3" url="/bitqb/index/index/" :dynamic-navbar="true" :allowDuplicateUrls="true" :domCache="true">
        <f7-view tab class="ios-edges" id="tab-view-4" url="/user/index/index/" :dynamic-navbar="true" :allowDuplicateUrls="true" :domCache="true">
        <!-- 底部TabBar -->
        <f7-toolbar tabbar labels bottom-md>
            <f7-link v-on:click="tabclick(1)" v-bind:icon-f7="toolbar[1].icon" text="资讯" class="tab-link-active" tab-link="#tab-view-2"></f7-link>
            <f7-link v-on:click="tabclick(0)" v-bind:icon-f7="toolbar[0].icon" text="行情" tab-link="#main-view"></f7-link>
            <f7-link v-on:click="tabclick(3)" v-bind:icon-f7="toolbar[3].icon" text="我的" tab-link="#tab-view-4"></f7-link>

only the first view in f7-views’s ptr will work,others this.$f7.ptr.done() will never work which always show the preloader never stop!!!

How do you listen for ptr events, you need to pass correct ptr-content element to app.ptr.done method http://framework7.io/docs/pull-to-refresh.html#pull-to-refresh-app-methods

I use f7-vue

and I have two .vue like this,when I exchange them in views, only the .vue in the first view can execute ptr.done()

onRefresh: function (e, done) {
  setTimeout(function () {
  }, 2000);
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thks, it seems worked!

onRefresh: function (done) {
it’s work