Accessing Nested JSON Data Using Template7


I do have a nested JSON data like this one:

"transactions": [{
	"18 November, 2019": [{
		"title": "Title 01"
	"11 November, 2019": [{
		"title": "Title 02"
		"title": "Title 03"

And would like to access each title as showing below.

Though keys are generating dynamically, so I couldn’t think a way to access them using Template7 features like {{#each transactions.keyName}}.
Any help would be appreciated.

~ Nathan. вот здесь есть прямо с примерами как пользоваться each

Oh, good old Template7. It will be something like this.

<div class="list">
   <div class="list-group">
         {{#each transactions}}
            {{#each this}}
               <li class="list-group-title">{{@key}}</li>
                  {{#each this}}
                     <div class="item-content">
                        <div class="item-inner">
                           <div class="item-title">{{title}}</div>

p.s. You could avoid one iteration(each this), if you convert transactions from Array to Object


Great answer @almazk,

Even though I end up using a different approach, this should be the solution.
Thanks much!