Action buttons and dynamic content issue

Hi all,

I’m trying to add {{testVenue.key}} to an action button, however it’s not updating as expected.

{{testVenue.key}} <=  correct value here
 <a href="#" v-if="editor" data-actions="#actions-venue" class="actions-open">
 <f7-actions id="actions-venue">
 <f7-actions-button>{{testVenue.key}}</f7-actions-button> <= always 0
<f7-actions-button v-on:click="deleteVenue(testVenue.key)">Delete</f7-actions-button> <= always passes 0 to the method```

Try this deleteVenue('{{testVenue.key}}')

@martinarlando, thanks Martin, however that just turns {{testVenue.key}} into a string

What is testVenue?

It’s an array of venues. I want to pass the index to be able to remove it from the array. It’s user-defined, so of unknown length.

It’s also something localised to f7-actions, if I put v-on:click=“deleteVenue(testVenue.key)” on the icon, it works as expected.

In my knowledge, we should use each to loop array on HTML. You can find it on Template7

Hi Martin,

This is inside of the loop. Which is why it’s unexpected that the value is correct above the actions group but fixed inside it.