Action sheet under tabbed menu in the bottom

Hi everyone?

Could Action Sheet be positioned under tabbed menu? And is that a good practice?

It’s okay to place action sheet there

Tnx Tega. But I have to rephrase my question. How can I put my Action Sheet to appear to be under the tabbed menu? Because now it is on top of everything and when I call for Acton Sheet it just covers tabbed menu.

Oh i see, sorry I haven’t actually used action sheet but it must be something to do with its parameters. See if there are any settings that can help with the appearance

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I believe you will get around it. Look into its parameters…

I was wondering if you would have an idea… I am building a social network and I want to go mobile first before I put out a web presence…I have a page profile.html but as users all have their specific Ids, I send these over as get variables…like so profile.html?id=1, profile.html?id=2 and then I script waiting to pick the Ids with All works brilliantly, except F7 only caches the last visited profile page

I made an workaround, and let’s say I solved my problem. Considering your problem, I am not quite sure what actually bothers you. To be more precise, I do not understand what exactly is going on when f7 caches the last visited profile.

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