Active page redirect issue


I have back button issue. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Issue: My current page is dashboard and content area have a link to same page(dashboard).
If user clicked that link and its not doing anything after that back button is not working.

  1. Make sure you are on latest v2 version
  2. Provide more details with code examples and your route configuration


Real time scenario for this issue is

  1. I have a page called user feed,
  2. it will have logged in user(User-A) posts and logged in user friends post(User-B).
  3. if User-A click on User-B name it will redirect to user-B profile page.
  4. The user-B profile page have basic information of User-B and post which created by User-B
  5. Again User-A clicked that User-B name on other post its not doing any redirection but after that back button was not working.
    The user profile page

Actual code:

		path: '/user/:uid',
		name: 'userprofile',
		async: function (routeTo, routeForm, resolve, reject) {
			var userinfo = app.form.getFormData('userinfo'); + 'profdetails_basic', {
				uid: userinfo.uid,
				wall_owner_id: routeTo.params.uid,
			}, function (response) {
				var needs = JSON.parse(response);
					componentUrl: './pages/user.html'
				}, {
						context: {
							userinfo: (needs.basic_info) ? needs.basic_info: '',

and on Page init of userprofile page i have below coding.

pageInit: function (e, page) {
                var self = this;
                var $ = self.$$;
                var userinfo = app.form.getFormData('userinfo');
       + newsfeed_fetch', {
                    uid: userinfo.uid,
                    wall_owner_id: self.$route.params.uid,
                    type: 'user_wall',
                }, function (response) {
                    var needs = JSON.parse(response);
                    if (needs) {
                        console.log(needs.activity[needs.activity.length - 1].timestamp);
                        $$('.view-main').data('luatime', needs.activity[needs.activity.length - 1].timestamp);
                        needs.activity.forEach(function (element) {
                    } else {
                        self.allowInfinite = false;
			            var context = { message: 'No Activity Found!' };

Are you sure you are on latest v2? I remember such issue with async route was somewhen a while ago

That was fixed on 2.1.1, and I discovered it haha

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