Add displayValues to picker with dependent values

Hello guys,

In a picker with dependent values I can add a displayValues to the list on the left. How do I add displayValues to this list on the right (dependente values).

Heres is the code example:

// Dependent values
var carVendors = {
a1 : [‘Honda’, ‘Lexus’, ‘Mazda’, ‘Nissan’, ‘Toyota’],
a2 : [‘Audi’, ‘BMW’, ‘Mercedes’, ‘Volkswagen’, ‘Volvo’],
a3 : [‘Cadillac’, ‘Chrysler’, ‘Dodge’, ‘Ford’]
self.pickerDependent = app.picker.create({
inputEl: ‘#demo-picker-dependent’,
rotateEffect: true,
formatValue: function (values) {
return values[1];
cols: [
textAlign: ‘left’,
values: [‘a1’, ‘a2’, ‘a3’],
displayValues: [‘Japanese’, ‘German’, ‘American’],
onChange: function (picker, country) {
values: carVendors.a1,
width: 160,

replaceValues receives displayValues as second argument

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Thank you for your time.