Add folder and files to Electron build

I am stuck on a problem with Electron. I am using F7-Vue + Webpack + Cordova Electron.
I am trying to add a folder and files into the build of Cordova Electron so, when I install the electron app on Windows I fill find those files in “app folder/resources/*” and I can use them inside the cdv-electron-main.js and also execute them as a Windows Service. Sincerely I don’t know how to do that. I searched on google but I didn’t find anything. If someone can help me with this problem or propose another way to solve it I will appreciate it.

@nolimits4web Hi Vladimir, I tag you because you are the one who better knows how Cordova electron+webpack works, and maybe you can help me. Thanks!

Unfortunately I know close to nothing about how Cordova electron+webpack works :relaxed: