Add pwa to framework7.vue

Hi dear friends. I have been working on a project for a few days, but I have problems. I can’t run pwa with Vue And framework7. I have attached the project**

. I just want to add pwa to this project .

Please help me😉

Please Download My project and add pwa to it :point_down:


it couldn’t help me.see my project please

It took you 1 hour to follow the tutorial and change everything needed to create a PWA? Wow! You’re fast!

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have you sample from vue & framework7 & pwa?

RTL suported

Did you try the framework7-cli? There’s a section for pwa

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yes.i tried َAnd came to the conclusion.
How to put a button install on the phone with pwa?
Project Creation Steps:

  1. npm i -g @Vue/cli
  2. Vue create project-name
  3. Vue add Framework7
  4. npm Run serve
use that link to install f7-cli

Google for ‘add to homescreen’ - it has nothing to do with PWA or Framework7 - it’s a different feature

I came to the conclusion

my sanple project(pwa | vue | framework7):

caching service app to phone and worked offline