Add/update views dynamically

Is there a way to add/update views, and their contents, dynamically and have the view support/re-initialize the functionality of tabbar, swipe, switches etc that the new content has?

My google-fu hasn’t come up with something that works 100%.

I’d really appreciate any help or hints regarding this since we might abandon Framework7 if we can’t get this working. :frowning:

This is what Framework7-Vue exist, with help of Vue, it can rebind/rerender things automatically. By default
(in core Framework7) there is no any data bindings, and all that stuff must be done manually

Thanks for answering!

I think I’ve been unclear. We’re already successfully updating the actual html/DOM (with data binding). The issue is that this sometimes means that entire views are added (and removed) from the DOM. When a new view is added, we’re calling app.views.create to initialize it, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to properly initialize some of the components in the new html, such as tabbar, swiper and smart select. Is there a way to instruct a view to “re-process” its html?

Then you are doing something wrong, app.views.create is the only and correct way of initialing the newly added view